About Us

What we do

We specialize in shaping and faceting rough minerals into precious and semi-precious gemstones. 


Bringing chaos into order. The rough stone is formed by very volatile and treacherous conditions deep within the earth.  It sometimes has jagged edges and irregular shapes. These less desirable surfaces are taken away by contact with a harder surface.  The stone is then refined into a fine faceted gemstone or cabochon. Displaying its true inner beauty to the world.


We are like the rough stones. Our lives are filled with rough edges, less desirable aspects and sometimes poor shape.  God has  a way of shaping us. Just like the lapidary shapes the stone into  thing of beauty  jewelry. God shapes us in the same way, by much harsher conditions than we can handle. The end results are to showcase the inner beauty we all have.


The Hall 11th Edition NOVEMBER 2017 (pdf)